Up until this point, Lillienne has been sleeping in a cradle right beside our bed. It is the same cradle that Dustin and his sister and brothers slept in. I like it because it is small and cute and I can reach her easily in the night….
I have been saying for the past 4 weekends “This is is, Lillienne’s going to sleep in her crib, in her OWN room tonight.” And in the past I have failed at this. I always, at the last minute, change my mind. Even after getting everything ready for her in her own room. It was always too soon. I wanted her close to me.
Last night I was ready! I think Lillienne was, too. She slept in her own room, in her crib. I hung blackout sheets behind her drapery, and she slept soundly until her 4am feeding, and then napped with us in our bed from 6 until 8 am. Not sure why for the past month she wakes up at 6 on the nose and isnt awake for the day, but doesnt want to sleep either until you pick her up.
I hooked up the baby monitor because I was afraid “What if I dont hear her because she’s in her own room? What if she cries for an hour before I get up?”
This did not happen.
You could hear our baby cry five floors down. Well, probably not, but she is very loud.
She slept in her own room, slept 6 hours straight, Dustin and I were able to chat and cuddle in bed without fearing waking the baby in the cradle, and everyone was happy. Mucho success!!