There’s something magical about early mornings. Lillienne naps with us from about 6am-7am, in my arms, in the bed. Around seven she starts to wake up.
We look at her, rub her arms and stroke her hair, she is stretching and rubbing her eyes, arching her back. Her eyes focus and we get the first smile of the day.
She is happiest when she first wakes up…lying inbetween us or on D’s knees, smiling and trying to talk, and kicking like she is some kind of hopped-up techno dancer.
The night has erased all of yesterday’s unpleasantries, like Lillienne fighting sleep and crying for half an hour before bed. Like the nasty poopy diaper that leaked and required three wash cloths. The fact that is was too cold and windy to go for a walk.
Mornings bring something new and fresh. A new day, a fresh diaper, a new chance. You can start over, and make today better than yesterday.
Lillienne is 8 weeks old today…