Tomorrow marks 8 weeks since Lillienne was born. Unbelievable, yet I have a baby sleeping in her swing to prove it. She has grown so fast in two months. I have grown so fast in two months.
She is smiling now. Starting to make alot of different noises, or as D and I call them, squacks. She is growing out of clothes, growing into others, and her hair is starting to curl. Her pyjamas as starting to look worn with little fuzzballs and her scent makes me dizzy with love. She drools on my shoulder as I burp her at 5am, stares at me with bright eyes from her stroller when we’re walking, and giggles in her sleep, but not when she’s awake. Yet.
She is everything and nothing like I expected her to be. She surprises me everyday with a new face, a new noise, and the feeling that I can love something so tiny and so demanding so much more every single day.
This time two months ago I was getting induced and I was intoxicated with intrigue, excitement and the sense of not knowing what was coming soon. I was nervous, sick to my stomach, soon to be in pain, put through a ridiculous labour, having a c section, and recovering from surgery and also taking care of a newborn.
I would do it all again tomorrow.