Baby belly pics and the babies room. In these pictures I am starting my 39th week. Two more to go, three tops (hopefully i wont be late….ahhh)
Thanks to my wonderful mum and her wonderful man for the babies room. Could not have done it without them!!
Every day there is a new surprise!! Last night I had a bath, got out, went pee, and and then went to sit on the couch, and something came out of me. MY WATER BROKE!…or so I thought.
Nope, I just pissed myself a little bit. How pleasant!! I didnt know this happened to pregnant women.
Also, thought the child was going to come in the fruit section of Sobey’s yesterday. Holy fuck contractions. These are not braxton hicks anymore. These are full on early labour contractions. Prenatal appointment on Thursday morning. Anxious to see if i am dilated/effaced at all.