Last night I was lying in bed reading, and the baby as usual was going beserk. It was a little strange, I put my hand way down there and I could feel the baby moving its head from side to side. I dont know how to explain the feeling other than weird, kind of uncomfortable, but amazing.
More contractions and back pain today. Ow.
Cleaned the whole apartment today from top to bottom. Repotted some plants, rooted some other plants, rearranged some stuff, organized the bedroom, etc. Also ate 5 triple chocolate cookies with a glass of milk after napping for an hour and a half after reading my new book after sitting in a bubble bath for an hour with a big tall glass of Coke with lots of ice cubes. I really am trying to take advantage of these last days of just having myself to look after.
Tonight Dustin’s Aunt and Uncle are taking us out for supper for Dustin’s birthday. Whoohoo!! Got to love not cooking.