I so knew it.
Prenatal appointment today. I said “Pretty sure the baby has dropped.”
Dr: “Usually that wont happen for a couple more weeks.”
Me: “I can feel the head moving like, low down where my pubic hair is.”
Dr, feeling around with her hands: “Your baby has dropped!”

I REALLY hope this means its coming soon. Like, before February. I already have inconsistent contractions with back pain. Pretty sure I’ve lost some or all of the mucous plug. (Mmmm!)
And you know what? It probably will come early because SEARS is a fucking ridiculous operation and my crib probably wont be here until after the baby is born.
I do have a cradle the baby will be sleeping in regardless for the first couple weeks, but I cant help it. I am excited. I really, really, want to finish that baby room and just be able to go “Ahhhh, it’s done.”
From now until the kid pops out, I have a prenatal appointment every week.
I have also gained around 22 pounds since May. Whoohoo!!
Dr says I am average, and have thus far had a textbook pregnancy.
Cheers, ma dears!!