Months ago, we purchased a used stroller and carseat online. It was a great deal, the stroller and car seat looked like it was gently used, and we were pretty happy with it until we looked underneath the other day (which I never even thought to do before we bought it) and saw that is was made in 2004. Apparently the “expiry date” for car seats is four or five years, and Dustin and I felt a little uncomfortable about using a used car seat that was nearly five years old. The woman who sold it to us told us it was newer than it was, and I’m hoping it was just a mistake on her part, but you never know. Fortunately, we didnt pay alot for the combo, so we discussed buying a new carseat.
One thing I LOVE about Dustin (and there are a million things…) is that he likes to shop as much as I do. As soon as we discussed getting a new carseat, he brought up the subject of the really cool carseat/stroller combo we constantly walk by and ogle when we go to the baby section at Sears. SOLD!! We are still going to keep the used stroller, either leave it at my sisters (whom I am hoping will be the one to baby sit 99% of the time…) or take it to the farm, and probably just toss the car seat.
I have been feeling alot more energetic lately. No more afternoon naps. I clean the house daily, make supper every night now, (…sometimes poor Dustin had to make his own supper. IMAGINE!!….) and I’ve been organizing/tossing things out/rearranging things. I guess this is nesting? The other day I was cleaning the bathroom and I actually got down on my hands and knees to scrub the baseboards. I do not remember ever doing this before, except when moving out of someplace.
All the baby bedding is washed. The teeny tiny washcloths are washed, all of the newborn clothing is washed. The diaper bag is packed, my hospital bag is almost packed….
Oh, and pretty sure darling bebe has dropped. I can breathe again. I can eat ALOT more. I havent had heartburn since December. I pee alot more (is that even possible? yes!) and there’s pressure and every so often very SHARP SUDDEN PAINS down below which accoring to the first 6475 websites that pop up when you google this is the baby’s head bearing down on the cervix…
How exciting!! 26 days away! (give or take…two weeks….ugh…)