This past weekend, my girlfriends and I had our annual Christmas get-together. We didnt do a gift exchange this year, just had alot of appetizers, drinks (i had a teeny glass of red wine..mmmmm) and lots of gabbing.
We have been doing this since high school, and I feel really old saying “We’ve all been friends for 11 years!”
That night as everyone sat around the table talking about life and the latest news and gossip, I was SO thankful. Thankful for my wonderful life, for my wonderful boyfriend, for a baby growing in my belly.
I do not mean to make my single friends’ lives sound sad and pathetic, because they are not…I am just thankful for everything that I have. I’m thanksful I have a warm body to cuddle up to at night, someone who understands me and takes care of me and someone who I can laugh and joke around with.
Thankful I have someone to share everything with!
I am also thankful for another ultrasound on thursday 🙂 I love watching the baby kick and squirm.