32 weeks pregnant and Christmas shopping wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We managed to get alot accomplished, we only have 3 more people to slash off our list.
I usually love shopping and buying gifts for people. Birthdays especially. I am usually overly worried that the recipient wont like their Christmas gift. This year, I just dont give a fuck.
A. We’re having a baby. This money could have been spent elsewhere. You dont like your gift? Fuck you, I tried. Say CHEESE!
B. Some gifts we had to buy because of a “name draw.” Stupidest idea ever, sounds like a great idea, but its not. I do not like spending money on people I do not like/hardly know.
C. I went shopping with a massive belly and was sweating/thirsty/hungy/agitated/sore the whole time. The older I get, the less I like crowds, but we went and got it done.
I am not bitter, honestly. I LOVE Christmas. I love the festivities, the warmth, being with family, visiting, etc.
This being said, I am REALLY over the whole gift giving/getting thing. Everyone in the family is grown up. We dont need to buy presents anymore. We’re not children anymore.
“Oh hey! I love you! Here’s a bunch of stuff I bought for you you might not want/like/need but hey, I worked my ass off for the money I spent on these gifts so you better atleast smile and pretend you like it!”
I dont want anything. Things I do want/need/like, we buy on our own throughout the year. Everyone should just save their money and buy their own stuff, or save it, or buy stuff for people who cant afford mittens or groceries or infant formula.
Next year, no presents.
Only hugs, hot chocolate, twinkly lights, gingerbread cookies, talking about your favourite Christmas memories, sledding, ice skating, Christmas movies, Christmas music, and maybe some hard alcohol, please.

Dustin last night: “I feel sick spenging all that money on people…. and for what?”
Me : “To see the look on their faces when they open something we thought they would like.”
Dustin: “You’re too sweet.”
Me : “I know.”
Dustin: “Fuck, we could have got a DYSON!” …….( pimp vaccuum cleaner.)