What a horrible experience.

Glucose testing, testing for gestational diabetes that some women may develop during pregnancy.
My doctor told me not to eat anything before i went, so i made sure to eat some fruit the night before and then went in for the test at around 9am. I went in, gave them my information, and they led me to a room where I was to drink a bottle of this orange stuff that tasted like really sweet non-carbonated orange pop. I’m chugging along from a cup I poured the drink into, reading the side of the bottle.
Side Effects Include: Bloating, Nausea, Dizziness and Vomitting.
I am the margin of error, I swear. If something horrible can happen to me, it will. I have become used to thinking this and even anticipating it.
A nurse strolls by.
“Excuse me,” I say. “How common are these side effects?”
“Oh, I’ve only had a few pregnant women puke or get dizzy. Dont worry!”
So I finish the drink and go sit in the waiting room where I’m told to take it easy for an hour, and then they’ll do the bloodwork.
I started to feel weird immediately! I couldnt focus on the book i brought with me to read. Then the room filled up with people, and an old man sat next to me that really needed a bath. The room got smaller, I got dizzy, and I knew I was going to be in trouble! I tried putting my head between my knees but then realized there is a 4 pounds child in my belly who wouldnt let me lean over.
The room went white. I took a deep breath and wobbled unsteadily to the bathroom where I slammed the door and basically fell to the floor! After coming to and soaking my head in the sink I went to lay down in an examination room for the remainder of my hour, willing myself not to puke or else i’d have to take this wretched test again in a few days.
Nine thousand vials of blood were drawn. I still couldnt stand. Had to call the boyfriend to come get me. He brought my coat which i had abandoned on the waiting room floor and walked me outside where we called a cab and went home.
To top it all off, I just discovered I have a chip in my top right molar, and I got a huge nasty cold sore that has decided to become a third lip. RIGHT ON. Best day, ever.