BRAXTON HICKS CONTRACTIONS! AHHH! my poor belly gets all hard and contorted for like 30 seconds and then goes back to normal…then it starts again. it can last for like an hour. if i sit in the tub, they go away. ive been having these for the past couple weeks but they are starting to intensify. they feel like menstrual cramps, but worse. the books say they do not hurt. the books lie.
i was at the farm this weekend and had these retarded practice contractions while watching a movie with everyone. (movie: Tropic Thunder….awesome and hilarious. And i hate all new movies.) I couldnt get up and hop in the tub because I didnt want to make a big scene even though I know nobody would have cared, but i just sat there under a big blanket with my hands on my belly feeling it go hard, then mushy. hard, then mushy. fun stuff.
Baby is running out of room, hardly ever kicks anymore, just squirms around, but when it does kick, it is a gooder.
Discovered the other day that the baby either loves or hates when i put earphones on my belly and play music. Lots of wiggles.
I cant believe I have about ten weeks to go until we have a new little baby.