cold/virus thing has officially moved into my chest as i feared. this is the second time ive been sick while pregnant. its a pretty scary feeling, just because i dont want to get the baby sick. ive been taking some tylenol before bed to keep the fevers away but i get them anyway. i hate being sick while pregnant!!
on the plus side, our tree looks awesome. dustin insisted on having a tree that “looked pretty” and matched. it is red and gold. and there are home made ornaments on there as well!! he wasnt going to go totally martha stewart on me.
were supposed to be going to the farm tonight for a few birthdays and to see our love. oskar. but i can’t go. i dont want to get anyone sick, especially our little 2 year old neice, Miami. We bought her a cabbage patch doll for her birthday.
i miss my dog so much, the silly beast.