I will be posting some new pregnancy pics soon, i swear!!

I am officially at home on sick leave until my mat leave kicks in sometime in december. its very boring. i wake up, eat cereal, watch tv, knit or read, then have a nap, wake up, eat, read, have a bath, then make supper.
I have been getting dizzy lately, feeling like i’m going to throw up and generaly feeling “out of it.”
On the upside, I taught myself how to knit and I’m making a yellow baby scarf right now 🙂
I have an appointment with my ob/gyn nov.27. I think I get another ultrasound then, yay!! No more family doctor visits, now it’s just seeing the baby doctor until the baby is born!!
Baby is VERY active. Always moving. Even wakes up when I go to the bathroom at night then kicks for awhile. I cant imagine how active this baby is going to be when it comes out. It’s constantly busy busy busy. 99 days to go. I am SO excited.