so i got to the doctor today.
ive no idea what’s supposed to happen/how these things go about.
i call and make an appointment, and go see him after lunch.
this is the same doctor who delivered me, so im walking there and feeling really excited and nostalgic.
i pee in a cup to confirm the pregnancy.
while i wait, i read baby magazines.
(wow, i can read these now without looking over my shoulder!)
he comes in.
“so whats up? you’re late or something?”
I laugh. “uh, yeah.”
“pee in this and bring it in tomorrow morning. the test is too faint. it’s there, but its faint. just a little big pregnant.”


screw you, and dont insult my dinosaur-looking embryo baby molecule or whatever!!!

i take my little cup with the pink lid and leave.
im still smiling.