we took our lovely beast of a dog for a run last night. we’re driving home afterward, and i have to pee. and i mean like, my bladder was ready to explode.
“you know,” i start saying, “i’ve peed sooo much this past week. and i feel sick…i have a feeling im knocked up.”
the boyfriend looks at me. “i’ll go get you a pregnancy test if you’d like. when is your period due?”
“tomorrow,” i say.
he buys me the test. i rush inside, by this time thinking i should just pee myself, no big deal..
i rip off the wrapper to the test and pee on it.
one line appears.
im staring at the test….wait a minute. i can see you….i can see you pink line #2.
pink line #2 is really, really faint…
the boyfriend and i go back and forth:
“is that a line?”
“i think so!”
“but its too faint”
“its there..thats a line.”
“someone with visual impairment would not see that line!!…”


i’m smiling.